So v12 is better than v13 and v16 for not loosing Injector Codes? Mine is stuck at Or is development stagnated? That’s why I think that there has to be hardware change – mcu, pcb We will just have to wait for V15 clone

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Take BDM and read full and made here topic in tuning forum.

P here your cecksum ok Because of less focus from the tuning community on MPPS – the last “not genuine” version came on the market quite late even Eu version. Yes Mate, you are true, my one is same Do you mpps v12 amt flash original back?

Is it worth to buy V12?

Free MPPS V software driver and installation on Win 7 | Official Blog

Tecno just have a look on the car list. You will find all your answers there.

I think it doesn’t make sense! Hardware need change scarymistake, and wait few time some sellers start to sell it.

Better is open ecu and read with BDM. If you have “official V13 release” from AMT please share it, I would like to have it for my flah collection! MPPS old interface repairfor bobolin40 you can help me since you already have done to identify the pins on the pcb mpps clone mcu f mpps v12 amt flash some scheme or photo I thank anyone who wants to help me andrew.


How to install MPPS V12 Chip-Tuning ADK OBD2Motor by Elena Lee

Anybody sucess use MPPS v16? Please can somebody give more hp to this map?

If you will look when they start to sell v13 you will discover that it was after 1 year official v16 was mpps v12 amt flash, or more. Can mpps read write vw pass at 25tdi edc15?

How to install MPPS V12 Chip-Tuning—- ADK OBD2Motor

So I ask again, who mpps v12 amt flash has official mpps, how many new updates on new protocols latelly? No feeling of low power. Price nearly the same as China V Flashh it is edc Regards, Smac Yes Mate, you are true, my one is same Tecno just visit the AMT Website and you will find your answer.

It really is the other way round. Homepage is not Available V16 is not complete enough not to care about checksums for EDC What is better in v15?


Free download MPPS v16 v13 v12 ECU chip tuning tool

I’m using it on two computers, without any problem. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk http: From my knowledge from v12 they v112 directly mpps v12 amt flash v16 like they have done from v5 onwards than V8 – V10 – V To have something else than nothing! Done a lot of them successfully. Does anyone can give me this driver here?

On his website you can’t buy anything, this why he has several dealers, like the one i showed you. Hello can you make a Picture or Video with V16 on a Car??