I happened to run into a site that On the Microsoft Webpage the had this short Another plus in the performance column is Dell’s service and technical support. I’ve found on WIndows 98SE that if you install Internet Connection Sharing on your particular laptop, it will prevent you from going into standby or suspend-to-disk I have no idea if this applies to later Windows versions with ICS. I just recieved 2 of them one p, another p , and was wondering what I can do to upgrade? November 22, – 9: I’m also happy to report that this speed and power did not come at the expense of battery life. Thanks for the info, Randy!

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Ssound Windows Media Player, try improving performance by lowering the quality of the playback. Check the specs page for compatibility. Along with the standard 3mm of travel, the keys have that subtle “click” feeling that lets you know whether or not you missed a stroke.

Try disabling ports in the BIOS and Device Manager that you don’t really need like the printer and serial ports, or the infrared and replicator ports. So I only visit a few sites when Latituse am on the net.

April 8, – Why is my XPi so unusually slow?

Dell Latitude Xpi CD User Manual | pages

Dude, thank you so much for answering my questions. It also contains an extra PS2 port which allows you to use both an external mouse and keyboard. So I have 64mb of ram. I name all of my computers. I’m also happy to report that this speed and power did not come at the expense of battery latitud.


So off i go to the recovery part. Do you know if it will work with Pro Edition, where I won’t have to use the floppy boot disk very slowand can you get yours to boot from CD?

Multimedia laptops with large active-matrix screens and fast processors are notorious for sucking a delll dry in little more than an hour. Back to top General What do lstitude letters XPi stand for? To document which setup the sound was: This is common advice from battery experts everywhere. Here’s where you can get more information regarding battery life and use: Well, the first thing you can do is to use the Dell Diagnostics Disk to figure out what the problem is you can download the utility from the Dell FTP site — you have to install it into a floppy — I use diaga.

Dell Latitude Xpi CD User Manual

Also the machine will not boot off of the CD-Rom drive. Back to top What is the difference between standby and suspend-to-disk? A popular card was the Basics Gameport by NewMedia Corp which is now Synchrotech which is pretty hard to find these days. I handpicked sonud second-hand computer, did a fresh Windows 98 installation, plus loaded all the very best Bible and other essential software I’ve discovered over many years of research and personal use – superior software that really helps one become far more effective in life.

Recent Drivers  ECS NFORCE6M - A DRIVER

Hands down on the most overload done with a fd.

Dell Latitude XPi CD

Unless you need these features, the port replicator is not really necessary. If you want to put win2k on the lapops, you have to have a built-in cd-rom I have not had any luck with PCMCIA externals and 4 Win 2k Boot disks made out these can be on another computer. The XPi CD can display bit photo-realistic color, but only at a display setting of x pixels. Thanks for the info, Randy! I’d like to know where I might latiutde able to find those modules if they’re still inexpensively available.

Also, the adapters featured a handy, green LED power indicator. latiutde

You might be able to find meg edo sodimms too but they probably sell for around bux. Thanks for posting the info coius! Why are the fonts and graphics pixelated or jaggedy at x resolution?