Tried both traditional network setup and with Network Manager. Trying to send message 1 to endpoint 0x Looking for active driver No such device Couldn’t find interface ppp0: No such signal QListBox::

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The number of receive errors you have is nothing to worry about, error packets out of 12 millions is less than 0. All times are GMT In such case they will get modeswitch messages for cdc mode instead of option serial mode.

C-motech CNU-680 – Modems specifications.

Sat Jun 09, 5: You may need to treat it as a traditional modem device, and use wvdial, kppp or kinternet dialling utilities instead.

At lost i made it, but there is another problem.

No such device Couldn’t cmtech interface ppp0: NetworkManager may not yet be able to adequately handle this device. Either detached before or never attached SCSI inquiry data for identification Vendor String: The modem can, as you have noticed, be switched into presenting itself as a cdc device by using a different modeswitch message.

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– TL + Ice D (Cmotech CNU)

No such signal QListBox:: Using endpoints 0x07 out and 0x86 in Using endpoints 0x07 out and 0x86 in Inquiring device details; driver will be detached How to view log of pppd, or what to do? Using endpoint 0x07 for message sending Here is an url to a screenshot from openSUSE The modem is connected to a USB port on a hpw mobile workstation. The reason why your 3gdata variable gets changed is due to the connection watchdog in combination with the modem not being supported yet in dd-wrt and you can probably fix this by killing the connection watchdog.

And after rebooting modem i need to write a file ppp. Trying to continue Resetting response endpoint 0x86 Error resetting endpoint: No such device QSpinBox:: Found devices in default mode or class 1 Accessing device on bus Fri Jun 08, I found this how to which may be useful to you. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Log in Profile View unanswered posts Log in Username: I can’t make jffs, there is no free space.

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BelCel (Diallog) launches new C-motech CDMA router

Ok, so it works well with the cdc-acm driver, I will then add support for it as a cdc device. Spend a lot of time trying to use CNU as wan connection. I don’t undarstand what happens, but everything is working now.

I don’t know why it was not worked before. I guess the message with the extra “31” inside will set it to cdc mode. My first post just before this one dealt with Network Manager: There is not much info on the net about these modems so any input is appreciated.

In windows modems work good. May be you can help me one more time? I think I’ve seen that a newer version cmotech-qtmodem 1. And how to make connection and modeswitch automatically.